Praying Over Your Children

Praying over our children has changed us.

We were originally shown this at our family camp – Sonrise. The couple that runs it has 7 kids – amazing kids, like tell me everything you did while raising them kinda kids. He explained to us and actually showed us an example of him praying over his kids. Every night he would walk in each kid’s room and say a quick 1-2 min prayer over each kid.

From that point on, 6 years ago…. I have pretty much done this almost every night for each kid. The kids look forward to it, it feels really great – Sometimes the girls will call me while out of town and ask me to pray for them before they went to bed.

We put our hands on them or hug them and pray out loud… tell God thank you, thank you for this child… let’s say molly (she’s 6)…. Lord, she is such a gift to our family. Our number 6. She is kind and fun and funny and fast and strong and so very smart. She loves her friends and brothers and sisters so well. She is just amazing Lord. Please God be in her heart always. Please guide her and lead her always in your righteousness. Help her walk in your ways tomorrow and everyday. Thank you for sweet Molly Francis. In your name Jesus Christ, amen. 

We say things they are right now as well as use attributes that you want them to be too! We speak life into them. Tell them who they were made to be. The more the hear it the more they might listen to that voice and not the lies society tells them. 

It seriously takes just 1-2 min. They go to sleep with those life giving words in the brain and in their heart! And you go to bed remembering who they really are. Not the bad stuff that you nit pick about all day. The flowers, not the weeds. 

If you don’t want to pray, then just speak life over them. Put your hands on them and say can I just say thank you for your life. Then say 3-4 sentences about who they are and who you want them to become. 

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