Praying Over Your Children

Praying over our children has changed us. We were originally shown this at our family camp – Sonrise. The couple that runs it has 7 kids – amazing kids, like tell me everything you did while raising them kinda kids. He explained to us and actually showed us an example of him praying over his […]


Do you have a code for your kids or your family? We used to say “Cooper Kids are kind” in our family. When things are escalating too quickly and things are out of control with peoples patience, someone might say “Cooper kids are kind”. We use “Can we start over?” often, too. When we lose […]

Better With You

“I am a better person because of you.” Does your kid know that? That you want to grow and be better BECAUSE of them. You want to leave this earth leaving a legacy of eternal growth. We are all on our journey. I don’t know about you but I want my kids telling the world […]