Are you struggling to be the best dad you can be?

It can seem like there’s just not enough time. Stress is robbing you of your joy. Even with books, counseling, and church, you’re still finding it challenging to be an intentional dad.


I’m Matthew Cooper, and I’m the founder of Be An Intentional Dad.

For years I’ve struggled with the stress of parenting in this crazy world, and making quality time for my children.

Finances, marriage, career and time are the stress balls that I juggle every day. As a father of 7, I’ve been “on the job” for decades. I’ve discovered that faith and intentionality are the secret ingredients to a happy life with my children – which in turn makes my own life more joyful.

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about having the tools you need to be a truly intentional dad.

I believe being intentional dads is a movement for a better future – for all of us.

When you focus on creating a joyful life for your child, you’ll be rewarded with more joy and happiness than you could have dreamed. You’ll create a legacy that will be remembered forever.

And the best part?

Joyful children grow into the future adults the world needs them to be. To achieve this, it’s our responsibility to make time and not allow the stress of life to dictate how we show up every day for our children.

Being great is really just being good every day.

You don’t have to keep trying to figure it all out on your own.

Join me and other like-minded dads for daily wisdom, insights, and resources for being the best Intentional Dad you can be. Hear our stories and experiences, and share your own.